The Gefilte Fish Experiment

The Gefilte Fish Experiment

When I first tried making homemade gefilte fish, I knew it was going to be a challenging and daunting experience. I knew it would involve me getting elbows deep in ground fish, and I knew there would be no fewer than three fish heads to contend with. Onions would be grated and I would cry…a lot. I’d have to touch slimy things that would gross me out, I would have to come to terms with tasting raw fish (and not the cool sushi kind), and most importantly, I’d have to do it all on a wing and a prayer, with no real recipe to guide me.

So, what does a girl do when she knows she’s in for a heck of a tumultuous kitchen caper? Why, she films it, of course!

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My First Attempt at Making Gefilte Fish

Gefilte Fish

Wow. Let me start off by just saying that. My first homemade gefilte fish experience. I feel like I have so many people to thank. First off, I want to thank every Jewish grandmother for writing nothing down and still inspiring nut jobs like me to make this stuff. (Seriously? Was is so hard for… [read more]

Learning to Love My Small Kitchen

Small Kitchens

Can I tell you something? I have a small kitchen. Can I tell you something else? I have large-kitchen envy. More specifically, I have large-kitchen envy of people who don’t even realize they have large kitchens. When people casually talk about double ovens, islands, and peninsulas, my heart clenches and I immediately look at all… [read more]

Spinach Kugel

Spinach Kugel

Spring is definitely here. I know this because I saw the first bug crawling up the screen in my bathroom window. That’s always the first sign of spring for me: insects invading my humble abode. Lucky for me, Elliot enjoys the extra protein, and watching him paw at the bug slowly climbing up the wall… [read more]

Spring Has Sprung, and With it, Fish Frustration


Before I start off, a poem about Spring: Spring has sprung. The grass has ris. I wonder where the birdies is… Thank you, and good night! In all seriousness (and when am I ever serious?), people around these here parts are mighty happy to see some green stuff sprout up and the cold weather move… [read more]

“Make Me Irish Coffee”

Irish Coffee

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and I figured now is as good a time as any to confess that I’ve never ever had an Irish coffee. Like, ever. So, when The New York Times posted a recipe on how to craft it at home, I said, “Oh, what the hell.” It seemed simple enough. Still,… [read more]

Mint Chocolate Chip Angel Food Cake

Mint Chocolate Chip Angel Food Cake

Have you guys ever seen those aprons saying, “Life is short. East dessert first.”? No truer words were ever spoken, in my opinion. And you know which dessert takes the cake? Cake. Oh yes, I went there. But angel food cake? Really? I used to shun the stuff. I had always found it to be… [read more]

The Pursuit of Perfect Pizza Dough

Pizza Dough Problems

Pizza dough. Ben has been in an epic pursuit of the stuff for ages. Living in Jersey, we are spoiled with amazing pizza at the ready from any number of local pizzerias within 5 minutes of our apartment. When you have such good products readily available, why stress about a homemade version? Because that’s what… [read more]